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Featured: Gardening

“Vegetables don’t taste like they used to! My Ouma used to grow giant tomatos, almost all flesh with an amazing flavour!” What happened to watermelons that tasted like real watermelons and not like mildly flavoured water? You know, green beans…

Natural Pest and Disease Control in your Vegetable Garden
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Zoe and Chicken
A friend of ours who had a large property in Constantia had about 60 layers and was looking to downsize her chicken…
Frugal Parenting
The Freeman Family’s Sustainable Journey
Sustainable Poultry
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Preserving Summer’s Bounty

If you want to become more self-sufficient in your kitchen, it makes sense to extend this self-reliance beyond the kitchen…

Dried Mushrooms
Drying Foods at Home
Using residual heat for cooking
Energy Efficiency in your Kitchen
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